desideDatum collaborates with the report

Last Thursday, the 12th in Madrid, the Desidedatum team cooperated with the report of Transparency International Spain (TIE). This document analysed the knowledge and compliance with the Transparency Law, where only two Ibex-35 companies fulfilled the different parameters that marked our report, these are Aena and Repsol.

Presentation of the report in Madrid

D. Beltrán Gambier and D. Javier Amorós

It analyzes the parameters already mentioned of 132 companies listed on the continuous market. The objective of this report is to make a report on the obligations of active advertising of these companies studied, and in this way to be able to offer their own tools and those of third parties to obtain the approval of the law.

César Nicandro, researcher of Integrity Project and with the development of the TIE. Where this entity establishes two key parameters, which have been applied to the companies studied, these are: the declaration of receipt of subsidies and or public subsidies that amount to more than € 100,000 for one year, and the receipt of aid and or public subsidies when these account for at least 40% of the total corporate income.

Javier Amorós, deputy director of the independent public body of the Transparency and Good Governance Council, where he had three and a half million companies in Spain during the whole of 2017 and that for the most part had never heard of transparency, a fact that he regrets during the presentation. And above all, he said that only 43 of the 132 companies listed have the minimum requirements that our report requires to comply with the law, and emphasize that these 43 do so at a high level.

And the document presented at Transparency International Spain, reveals that among the compliance of the law with respect to the obligations of companies there is a good level of transparency. On the other hand, we have an opposite effect when studying the transparency of the salaries of managers who have a lot of responsibility, especially in the annual compensation and compensation.