Alberto Abella, our senior manager in Madrid, made the closing speech at the event held on April 18 at ESADEFORUM (Barcelona)

jornada "los big data en el sector público"

The meeting was attended by different experts who discussed the main challenges of big data in the field of public administrations and companies and the advantages it provides.

Alberto Abella who is also a co-founder of Barcelona Open Data Initiative, closed the session concluding with the most interesting aspects that had been exposed during the day and analyzed the current situation of big data. “Today we can say that big data is a reality” Abella said and, after that, he added that “although now we can see the first results, we are still far away from the great potential it has”.  He also wanted to point out the common points on which the different speakers had agreed:

  • The exponential growth of data.
  • Potential benefits of sharing data such as the improvement of internal efficiency, the increase of economic activity and the equal opportunity for companies independently of their size.
  • Being citizen-centric: considering the citizen at the time of deciding services.
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Need to normalize data
  • Data-based management is not a technical but a cultural problem. Data culture is needed.

Finally, the senior manager of desideDatum stated that “big data has arrived to stay” and that the use of these data should end with a social and economic impact in the  society in an egalitarian way.

You can watch the full “the big data in the public sector” session. You can find Alberto Abella’s closing speech from 8:01:00