Núria Espuny, talking abaout Open data

Last Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of march in Bilbao, there was a meeting between the Canary and Basque Country, hosted by the Bizkaia Council. Desidedatum coordinated on day 8th a meeting between the responsible of the administrations about the challenges of Open Data. Just spreading the culture of open data among public workers, the challenges of data standardization and the importance of reusing data was also studied. As well as the challenge of attracting, maintaining and determining the impact of data reuse. Finally, the importance of data visualization to bring them closer to potential non-technological users.

The next day in a public event held at the Palace Euskalduna of Bilbao, in which participates the the Counselor of Public Governance and Self-Government of the Basque Government and the Basque Council, as well as the Counselor of Presidency, Justice and Equality of Canary Government. During the event, the strategy of Open Data was analyzed by the hand of the Responsible for the European portal of Open Data, Wendy Carrara, along with the General Director of Transparency and Quality Democratic of the Government of Catalonia, Núria Espuny, and the researcher Cesar Cruz. The conference was completed with different round-tables on legal aspects of Open Data; success cases on public data reutilization; the event finished with a round-table named “Beyond the open government” where several responsible for administrations analyzed their projects about open government.

Nerea Martiartu, General Director of transparency and governance, thanked for the participation and called for future editions of this meeting .