Alberto Abella, our senior manager in Madrid, participated last Tuesday, December 13 in the journey “AEMET OpenData – Discover the power of open data”, held at the headquarters of AEMET.

Alberto Abella was one of the leading speakers at the event, with his lecture titled “Open Data: How to Improve Its Utility and Value”, which was part of a program that featured some of the top Open Data experts at the national level, as well as the responsibles for the new API REST of AEMET and some prominent academic representatives in the field of the Information Society, all with papers dedicated to meet the following objectives:

  • Jornada AEMET OpenDataPublicly present the new REST API from AEMET OpenData for access to open meteorological and weather data.
  • Promote internally and externally its use.
  • Discuss its usefulness for reusers and end users in various sectors.
  • Involve users in the continuous improvement of the system.

Here you can see complete the paper “Open data: how to improve its usefulness and value” by Alberto Abella: