We are the Spanish partner of Socrata, the leading global company in the field of Open Data portals (and related tools) for public administrations and private companies around the world. Their software solutions are designed exclusively for digital government and offer unprecedented capabilities in the field of data-based government based and cost savings for hundreds of public sector leaders around the world.


Socrata Open Data

Socrata’s cloud-based solution allows government organizations to put their data online, make data-driven decisions, operate more efficiently, and share insights with citizens.


What is Socrata Open Data for?

Data on its own has value, but that value is enhanced when the data is presented in a consumable, contextual way. Constituents want to know how data relates to them, their family, and their business.

From elected officials seeking economic reports, to the young professional waiting for the next bus, or the business entrepreneur looking for a market opportunity that everyone else has missed, data has the power to transform the world we live in and make an impact on everyone’s life.

Socrata Open Data provides an engaging, cloud-based solution for federal agencies and governments of all sizes to transform their data into this kind of vital and vibrant asset. It is the only solution that is dedicated to meeting the needs of data publishers as well as data consumers.

With Socrata Open Data, your organization can support the entire lifecycle of data, empower internal employees as well as the overall community, and ensure that all the data shared will be consumed in the most impactful way possible.Les dades en si mateixes tenen valor, però aquest valor s’incrementa quan les dades es presenten de forma consumible i contextual, de manera que la ciutadania vegi en elles alguna cosa útil per a la seva vida, la de la seva família i la dels seus negocis.


Main features


  • Publish hundreds of data sources that can be up to 100s of millions of rows long.
  • Leverage robust publisher APIs that are available through the Socrata Open Data API (SODA), making it easy to keep data as fresh as you want it to be.
  • Ensure data quality by keeping data private for review before it is released publicly.



  • Integrate with existing websites, or build a customized, attractive open data webpage of your own.
  • Use a familiar, simple search interface to find the data you are looking for.
  • Syndicate data sets from other nearby localities to increase the context and meaning of the data.



  • Filter or focus data sets to just the subset you are most interested in.
  • Create visualizations with simple built-in tools to better see and understand the data.
  • Expand understanding by sharing visualizations with others directly in the data catalog or through social media.



  • Share data sets and visualizations with others directly in the data catalog or any other website.
  • Access any published data programmatically through Socrata’s industry-leading Open Data API (SODA).
  • Leverage the Open Data Network (ODN) to access data from multiple localities around the world.