We offer our technology consulting services in the field of open data and open organizations, helping them to meet their transparency goals, encouraging citizen participation and supporting the network society as a driver fot the innovation and the development of tools to promote the creation of economic, political, cultural and social wealth through open data.

“Today, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.”   Dharmesh Shah


Open Data

Open data means publish data in digital, standard and open formats to be reused automatically, so anyone can use it for free, whenever and for whatever is needed and for any purpose.

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Open Government

Open government is the one that recognizes the capabilities and wisdom of citizenship, listens to them and seeks their contribution to the definition and development of public services services.

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Transparency laws oblige administrations to guarantee the right of access to their information. Good visualizations make this information more understandable by the citizens, thereby increasing transparency.

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Smart City

Through the use of information and communications technology, cities are generating a steady stream of data that, if properly exploited, can provide high added value for the city and the citizens life quality.

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