«Open government is the answer: What was the question?»

Álvaro Ramírez Alujas. Más Poder Local magazine, number 12.


activismoThe “traditional view” of a government – meaning “government” as a synonym for “public administration” – is one in which the government is in a position of power over citizens. The government provides services to citizens, and citizens decide every four years whether to make changes in the government or not.

However, in a society where changes are fast and constant, it is not desirable that citizens have to wait four years to review their governments, especially if we consider that current technology can simplify and facilitate a lot communications between the government and citizens.

We define open government as the one in which the government and citizens are at the same level, coexisting on the same plane. Result of this close relationship, the Government overhear citizens, listening to them and achieving their involvement in the day-to-day of the public administration. We believe our governments must be open, and for that reason we advise to them to achieve such openness.

Due to the current poor image of many of the actors involved with public authorities, just listening more to citizens, only being closest to them and involving them in the design, implementation and evaluation of public services; we will increase the credibility of decisions taken by governments.


iconogobiernoabiertoWe offer our services mainly in the field of open government, taking this concept in a broad definition.

In this sense, it is known that both open data and transparency are two elements that are part of any open government. We believe so, but given our experience in open data and transparency projects, we decided to give them more visibility by showing them “outside” the classic scope of open government.

With that in mind, here are listed our services offered around the concept of “open government”:

  • Consulting services to carry out the integral and transversal process of openess in a government. From the drafting of an ordinance or an internal rule that helps to consolidate the initiative, to how to explain it to citizens and achieving their necessary involvement.
  • Advising on how to share projects (and partnership) with citizens.
  • Following-up the open government policies: How do citizens perceive them?


In desideDatum nwe have no doubt that the governments of the present (and future) will be open or fail. For this reason we offer our services to public administrations, to facilitate their openness to the public.

Do not hesitate to ask anything you want about our services!

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