«The Smart City movement calls for a global transformation of all areas of competence of cities […] searching for the sustainibility of services for citizens in an atmosphere of social change and drastic budget reductions.»

Júlia López-Ventura and Marc Garriga Portolà; artículo “The Role of Open Government in Smart Cities”, dfrom the book “Open Government. Opportunities and Challenges for Public Governance”, Editorial Springer, coordinated by Mila Gascó Hernández.

The Smart City concept has as many definitions as stakeholders involved in it, and is therefore a concept not yet sufficiently established that each actor defines in its own benefit. But yes there is some consensus that a Smart City (and usually a Smart Government, whether city, region or state) is a government who has decided to provide better public services through a high application and penetration of Information and Communications Technologies.

We believe that a Smart City is the one that makes a wise use of technology, and in general of all available resources, and it is managed in an open, transparent, proactive and direct way, always with the citizen participation. This way, the citizen becomes jointly responsible of urban management and participates in the co-creation of new public services. This definition is quite different from that normally associated with the Smart City concept, usually focused on a more widespread implementation (perhaps too much) of devices in our streets.

We approach projects from a Smart City vision of openness, especially considering the involvement of citizens, which connects directly with our other lines of action. In its technical aspect, what interests us most of a Smart City is its data management. This is what we specialize, and the field where we provide our added value.


Smart City consulting

We advise our clients on how to manage data in a Smart City.

Although desideDatum was initially created with the aim of being specialists in open data, soon we realized that we had to extend this target to become specialists in all data, whether open or not. Currently, we advise in relation to the data management area that an administration must implement in the field of Smart Cities, considering that this is an area that:

  • Most data must be managed in real time.
  • It is not just about managing the generation and consumption of data, but also implementing semantic to these data, to catalog them and make them useful in less time.

Obviously, given our definition of Smart City, we also offer consulting services for a Smart City to be open (including its data) and participative (towards citizenship).

Do not hesitate to ask anything you want about our services!

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desideDatum participated in the design and creation of Sentilo, the sensors and actuators platform that Barcelona City Council is using to collect all its data, and decided to offer to the community in open source format.


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